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Macquarie Geotechnical is able to provide soil chemical properties testing to test for aggressiveness, acidity and other chemical properties.

We are accredited to work to RMS standards required for “R57 Design of Reinforced Soil Walls” and can undertake the chemical and physical testing required ensuring material complies with the RMS standard



Material Evaluation – Chemical (RMS)

  • RMS T123 Determination of the pH Value of a Soil – Electrometric method

  • RMS T185 Resistivity of Sands and Granular Road Construction Material

  • RMS T1010 Quantitative Determination of Chlorides in Soil

  • RMS T1011 Quantitative Determination of Sulphates in Soil


Material Evaluation – Chemical (Australian Standards)

  • AS1289.4.1.1 Determination of the Organic Matter Content of a Soil

  • AS1289.4.2.1 Determination of the Sulphate Content of a Natural Soil and the Sulphate Content of the Groundwater

  • AS1289.4.3.1 Determination of the ph Value of a Soil – Electrometric Method

  • AS1289 4.4.1 Determination of Electrical Resistivity of a Soil – Method for Sands and Granular Material

  • AS4969.12 Analysis of acid sulfate soil – Died Samples – Methods of test – Complete suspension peroxide oxidation combined acidity and sulfur (SPOCAS)*


Material Evaluation – Chemical (APHA, British Standards, Amira and TAI)

  • Apha 2510 & 2520B Electrical Conductivity

  • Apha 4500H+B pH

  • Apha 4500-SO42-B Sulfate

  • Apha 4500-Cl-B Chloride

  • BS1377 (1990 Part 3 Sections 3-5)Water Soluble Sulphate Content

  • LECO Method Total Sulfur*


*Test methods not currrently covered by NATA Accreditation

Chemical NATA Accreditation

Our Laboratories are NATA accredited for the following:

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