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Macquarie Geotechnical’s laboratories are able to appropriately sample and test aggregates to Australian and Road and Maritime Service standards.

Compliance testing for concrete, ballast, sealing aggregates and asphalt can also be undertaken.






Material Evaluation – Aggregates (RMS)

  • RMS T100 Sampling from a Stockpile

  • RMS T200 Chloride content of roadbase

  • RMS T201 Particle distribution of aggregates (by washing)

  • RMS T202 Presence of Friable Particles in Aggregates

  • RMS T203 Particle distribution of aggregates finer than 75 µm (by washing)

  • RMS T204 Los Angeles Test for Coarse Aggregates

  • RMS T205 Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)

  • RMS T209 Particle density & water absorption of coarse aggregate

  • RMS T210 Density and Water Absorption of Fine Aggregate

  • RMS T211 Uncompacted bulk density of aggregate

  • RMS T212 Compacted bulk density of aggregate

  • RMS T213 Particle Shape by Proportional Caliper

  • RMS T215 Wet/Dry Strength Variation (Duplicate)

  • RMS T218 Total Sulphur Content in Metallurgical Slag

  • RMS T219 Acid Soluble Sulphate Content in Road Construction Materials

  • RMS T235 Average Least Dimension of Aggregate

  • RMS T236 Rate of spread of coverage aggregate*

  • RMS T239 Fractured Face of Coarse Aggregate

  • RMS T260 Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate (Colour Test)

  • RMS T262 Determination of Moisture Content of Aggregates (Standard Method)

  • RMS T264 Soluble Salts in Sand

  • RMS T266 Soundness of Aggregates (By Use of Sodium Sulphate Solution)

  • RMS T268 Determination of Clay or Fine Silt Content in Aggregate (Settling Method)

  • RMS T269 Sugar in Aggregate

  • RMS T270 Material Finer than 2 µm in Aggregates

  • RMS T275 Average Least Dimension of 5 mm and 7 mm Aggregates

  • RMS T276 Foreign Materials Content of Recycled Crushed Concrete

  • RMS T278 Aggregate Shape by the Ratio of Greatest to Least Dimension

  • RMS T659 Methylene Blue Adsorption Value of Road Construction Materials*


Material Evaluation – Aggregates (Australian Standards)

  • AS1141.3.1 Sampling – Aggregates

  • AS1141.3.2 Sampling - Aggregates

  • AS1141.4 Bulk Density – Uncompacted& Compacted

  • AS1141.5 Particle Density & Water Absorption of Fine Aggregate

  • AS1141.6.1 Particle Density and Water absorption of Coarse Aggregate (Weighing in Water Method)

  • AS1141.11, 12, 13, 19 Particle Size Distribution by Sieving and Materials Finer Than 75μm in Aggregates (by Washing); Materials fine than 2μm; fine particle size distribution in road materials

  • AS1141.14 Particle Shape, by Proportional Caliper

  • AS1141.15 Flakiness Index

  • AS1141.20 Average to Least Dimension - Direct Measurement

  • AS1141.21 Aggregate Crushing Value

  • AS1141.22 Wet/Dry Strength Variation (Single)

  • AS1141.23 Los Angeles Value

  • AS1141.24 Aggregate Soundness (by Exposure to Sodium Sulphate)

  • AS1141.27 Resistance to Wear by Attrition

  • AS1141.31 Light particles

  • AS1141.32 Weak Particles – Clay Lumps, Soft & Friable Particles

  • AS1141.33 Determination of clay and fine silt (settling method)

  • AS1141.34 Organic impurities other than sugar

  • AS1141.35 Sugar

  • AS1141.36 Total Sulphur Content in Metallurgical Slag

*Test methods not currrently covered by NATA Accreditation

Aggregate Testing NATA accreditation

Our Laboratories are NATA accredited for the following:

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