Macquarie Geotechnical currently operates three tracked drilling rigs, one truck mounted drill rig and two small auger drill rigs with a team of qualified drilling crews and support site staff.


All of Macquarie Geotechnical drilling crews undertake our in-house AS1726 Geotechnical Soil and Rock Logging course and Introduction to Soil Mechanics training courses to give them an insight into the engineering properties of the soil and rock and understanding for the recovery of high quality soil and rock samples.


With several decades of drilling experience, Macquarie Geotechnical has a proven record of supporting our clients in site investigation projects.


Macquarie Geotechnical also operates a fleet of Vacuum trailers to assist with waste disposal and Non Destructive Digging (NDD).


We have the capabilities to provide:

  • Solid flight stem auger drilling

  • Hollow flight stem auger drilling

  • In Situ Testing – Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) and Undisturbed Thinwall Push Tubes (U50/63/75)

  • Concrete Coring

  • Wireline rotary coring NQ, HQ and PQ

  • Packer testing including straddle packers utilising NATA accredited equipment.

  • Inclined drilling

  • Tubex Drilling

  • Environmental Sampling

  • Installation of Ground Water and Ground Gas Monitoring Instrumentation

  • Installation of Vibrating Wire Piezometers and Inclinometers

  • Sampling and Monitoring of Instruments, including Data Logging


In conjunction with our NATA accredited laboratory testing capabilities, labour skill hire (Engineering Geologists / Geotechnical Engineers) we are able to provide our clients with a complete Geotechnical Solution reducing our clients time managing numerous sub-contractors.


Our Rigs

Comacchio Geo 305

Hanjin D&B-8D

Explora 50

Deltabase DB515

Sampla 24T