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Macquarie Geotechnical are at the forefront of the Geotechnical Site Investigation Industry combining conventional investigation methods with innovative techniques to deliver ground investigations to meet our client’s needs.


With a large team of Drilling Crews, Field Technicians, Engineering Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers and Experienced Management Team, we can deliver site investigation projects efficiently and to the highest quality.

Drilling Site Investigations

  • Solid Stem Auger Drilling.

  • Concrete coring.

  • Sonic Drilling Techniques to depths of up to 100m.

  • Wireline Diamond Drilling (HQ3) and NMLC coring capabilities to depths of up to 450m.

  • Continuous sampling (1.5m liner) utilising windowless sampling equipment and techniques.

  • In situ Testing comprising Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) and undisturbed push tubes (< 75mm).

  • Windowless sampling (96mm) utilised for undisturbed sampling of rail and road formations.

  • Packer Testing (Single and Straddle).

  • Groundwater Standpipe Installation.

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer Installation.

  • Inclinometer Installations.

  • Single and Multipoint Extensometer Installation.

  • Downhole imaging including Acoustic and Optical Televiewers and Full Waveform Sonic

  • Instrumentation monitoring.

  • Supervision by experienced Engineering Geologists / Geotechnical Engineers, provision of geotechnical logging in accordance with AS1726 and Macquarie Geotechnical Standard Procedure.



Our Rigs

Comacchio Geo 305
(MG1, MG41, MG53, MG67)

Comacchio Geo 405 (MG68)


Truck Mounted D4TAPG (MG5)

MG5 photo2.jpg

Eijkelkamp Fraste CRSXL 170 Sonic Duo (MG64)


Comacchio Geo 300 (MG7)

IMG_0221 Geo 300.jpg

Truck Mounted Christie (MG25)


Sampla 24T (MG32)

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