Our Geotechnical section consists of qualified Geotechnical Engineers and Technicians and is able to undertake site investigation field work comprising of drilling, test pitting and site supervision of earthworks.

We can undertake in-situ testing comprising Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP),Standard Penetrometer Testing (SPT), Plate Load Testing and other methods.

Macquarie Geotech is able to offer pavement analysis and design, using modern geotechnical software programs such as gINT, Circly © and DIPS which provide geotechnical models.

Macquarie Geotech are able to offer the following services:

  • Test Pitting and Sampling

  • Earthworks and site supervision

  • Bridge and Building Investigations

  • Residential Site Classification (SC)

  • Effluent Disposal Investigation (EDI)

  • Environmental Sampling.

  • Auger drilling, in both 100mm and 300mm diameters.

  • U50 In-situ undisturbed sampling

  • Standard Penetrometer Testing (SPT) and Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT)

  • Plate Load Testing

  • Rock and Concrete Coring

  • Difficult access drilling

  • Piezometer installation and ground water monitoring